Henry County 2021 Educator Launch

July 22, 2020

Attorneys at Smith, Welch, Webb & White joined in welcoming Henry County teachers into a new school year at the 2021 Educator Launch.

The event looked a little different this year as COVID-19 impacted how the event has been held in the past. The Henry County Board of Education didn’t let this stop them from showing their appreciation to it’s teachers; with masks, gloves, and some Shane’s barbeque, our attorneys helped set up and deliver lunch to teachers drive-thru style.

Meals were delivered across the county’s school such as Hampton High School, Union Grove High, Eagle’s Landing High, and more. Attorneys Priya Patel, Chase Collum, William White, Brooke White, and Megan Rittle showed their support and appreciation for Henry County teachers by delivering these meals throughout the day.

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