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Consumer protection laws exist to protect buyers from many forms of fraud and unfair business practices, including untrue credit reporting, mortgage fraud, unfair debt collection, and other mistreatment.

An area of focus for Smith Welch Webb & White within the realm of consumer law is commercial and consumer debt defense, including defense against aggressive collections of Homeowners’ Association assessments, charges, or fees. Household debt has jumped 11% over the last decade and credit card and auto loan debt are going over the $1 trillion mark. With so much being owed, creditors and debt collection agencies are becoming more aggressive trying to collect and will use questionable tactics to get your attention. These tactics include robocalling debtors on their cell phones, which is illegal if you clearly demand that the calls stop. One notable tactic is using consumers credit reports to coerce payments of questionable balances. Further, the type of language used by some collection agencies can instill fear, especially when you are served with a lawsuit that threatens your income, bank accounts, and other assets. The urge to ignore it all can be intense.

Understanding what happens when you are served papers for debt collection or a credit denial letter citing to untrue statements made by creditors and what steps you can take to defend against a lawsuit or protect your credit can make a huge difference. That’s where our attorneys come in. We will represent you in cases against aggressive debt collectors and creditors and protect you from unfair trade and credit practices.

What we offer.

Our lawyers can determine if any illegal methods are being used by the collectors to recover money. In doing so, we can review loan histories and determine if creditors are accurately reporting your accounts to credit repoting agencies such as Equifax, Trans Union, or Experian. This is very helpful if you have experienced harassment or threats from debt collectors or suffered inaccurate credit reporting. We can help you prepare a lawsuit against the debt collector or creditor who has broken the law – which includes illegal contact and false or threatening statements.

We can help.

The right lawyer can steer you through the legal system and seek justice through the legal framework and enforcement agencies. Working with our experienced attorneys will enable you to get back on the right financial track. In the end, it is essential to weigh the potential short-term cost of our services against the long-term cost of losing in or out of court to a collection agency without proper representation. If you need an experienced consumer advocate, contact our attorneys today. Schedule an appointment by sending us an email or calling us at 1-855-505-7999.

No matter your law needs, Smith, Welch, Webb, & White is here to help. Contact us today for a legal consultation!


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