Cultural Fit vs. Discrimination in the Hiring Process

Building a successful team is much more than simply having the most qualified employees. Teamwork and compatibility are also big factors in the success and growth of the organization as a whole. But recruiting for cultural fit can also lead to questions of discrimination if not handled properly. Here’s a quick guide on how to find a good cultural fit during the interview process.

A candidate’s personality can often become one of the deciding factors when determining who to hire out of a pool of equally qualified interviewees. Some studies have shown that those who are culturally fitted to their company tend to have a more satisfying work experience and higher retention rates compared to those who do not mesh with the corporate culture. But what many don’t realize is that a team of very diverse people can also be a good fit for your corporate culture.

Here are important points for hiring managers to keep in mind during the hiring process:?

First, hiring a good fit for your company culture should not focus on any traits that are unchangeable, such as race, gender and age. Having diversity in the office is the key to innovation and global competitiveness.

Second, focus on the applicant’s management style and personal work ethic. The interview should center on how the person demonstrates traits that are in line with the company’s mission and vision.

Third, know that creating a team of like-minded people will not always lead to better results and harmony amongst co-workers. Research shows that diverse team members that represent different viewpoints often get better results. Interviewers should also keep in mind that while a similar group of employees and employers can be beneficial, it can also lead to stagnation.

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