DUI/Criminal Defense

SWWW offers a full range of criminal defense services for all categories of misdemeanor cases such as DUI defense and more serious felony cases.

Several attorneys on staff have obtained extensive courtroom experience as formal prosecutors and public defenders as well as practice in the private sector.

A DUI conviction in Georgia in most cases will result in the loss of your right to drive, mandatory jail time, steep fines and mandatory community service.

SWWW has extensive experience in the representation of clients charged with DUI and has helped clients successfully navigate the process from administrative license suspension appeals through criminal trials and appeals.

Common questions we can help you answer:

  • What should I do if I have been drinking and I am pulled over by the police?
  • What is the 10 day rule in Georgia for DUI?
  • What happens if I refuse to take a breath test?
  • Should I take the eye test or the one leg test if I have been drinking?



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