Georgia Eminent Domain

Eminent domain, sometimes called condemnation, is the power of the government (and sometimes private utility companies) to take private property for a public purpose. The most common uses of property taken by eminent domain are for roads, power lines, gas lines, water and sewage easements, government buildings (such as city halls or schools), and parks.


If you have been approached regarding the acquisition of all or part of your property for a public purpose, you are not alone. In certain circumstances, public uses can also damage adjoining private property- even though no formal condemnation action has been, or will be, filed. This can sometimes mean that a property owner is entitled to compensation as well.


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Eminent Domain Resources

General Information

So the government has come to take your land. Now what? Click here to find out general information and blog posts about the condemnation process, your rights, and what to expect.

Residential Landowner

Is the government taking your house? Click here for resources such as relocation expenses and leaseback information.

Business Owner

Business owners face a unique challenge in condemnation proceedings. You also have the unique ability to claim additional damages based on business loss. Click here for resources to help you prepare and maximize your business loss claim.?

Why Hire Us?

Like most people, many attorneys do not deal with government entities or utilities on eminent domain matters regularly. We do on a daily basis all over the state. Our attorneys have handled everything from sidewalk easements to total takings, business losses, air rights, and everything in between. We also try cases. While most eminent domain matters settle before going to court, it is important to have lawyers in your corner who are not afraid to try your case if a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached. Whether you are an individual whose residence is being impacted by a taking to a small business owner, or part of a large corporation, we have partnered with people just like you.

Experience.?The experience we have gained over the years places us in a unique position to help. We can review road plans, negotiate with a right-of-way agent, try your case before a jury or special master, and even argue your case before the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court. We have done it before.

Knowledge.?Eminent domain is complex, nuanced, and constantly evolving. Because we do it every day, we know it well. In addition to handling cases for clients, our attorneys regularly publish papers and host presentations at seminars on eminent domain to other attorneys in the field. This means we know what the current law is.

Results.?From pre-condemnation negotiations to vigorous trial representation and beyond, our skilled attorneys will work to make sure your rights are fully protected and that you receive full and fair compensation.

Real-World Results

Value Increase: 713%

DOT v. Landowner, 2014

Initial Offer: $1,185.00

Settlement: $ 9,635.00

Value Increase: 195%

Henry County v. Landowner, 2014

Initial Offer: $4,167.00

Settlement: $12,300.00

Value Increase: 5,080%

Troup County v. Landowner, 2019

Initial Offer: $4,500.00

Jury Verdict: $233,100.00

Disclaimer: The results illustrated here are not necessarily indicative?of any particular outcome in the future. Legal matters can be very complex and each issue requires analysis dependent on the particular set of facts present. Therefore, these illustrations are provided to show the types of cases handled and outcomes obtained by the attorney, but cannot mean the same outcomes we obtained in different cases with possibly different facts in the future.

What Our Clients Say

Firm attorney Grant McBride achieved outstanding results for our family regarding a property condemnation lawsuit that he protected for us. He and his staff were very professional. communicated promptly and effectively, and achieved outstanding results. We highly recommend this law firm.

-G. Gaissert

?I wouldn’t hesitate to use William White and the rest of this firm if the need arose again. Everyone was extremely professional, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. My matter was an eminent domain case which had many obstacles and Will overcame it all and I was awarded the full judgement we were seeking. The judgement was paid timely and the matter is closed. If you have an eminent domain matter in Georgia, this is the firm you want to retain. Thank you all for the hard work!?

-B. Marston

?Attorneys Grant E. McBride and Warren M. Tillery represented Eastminister School, Inc. in a property tax exemption dispute with the Rockdale County Board of Assessors. The case was complicated because the non-profit exemption the board granted our school when it opened 14 years ago was revoked when Eastminister school closed and then leased facilities to another 501c3 non-profit school. The ownership of the land never changed, nor did the use of the facilities for a 501c3 purpose. Our attorneys’ expertise, professionalism, and candor successfully gained reinstatement of the legal tax exemption for our property. I especially appreciated the regular updates on the progress of our case and thorough research our attorneys provided. I was not aware of case law in Georgia that served as precedent for our situation, but our attorneys showed us several cases that applied to our specific circumstances. Their fees, work ethic, and transparency were beyond reproach. I offer my enthusiastic recommendation for their services.?

-L. Leonard


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