Have You Received a Notice? Here is a Comforting Story…

Here’s a true story written by a local property owner who came to us after receiving a government notice requesting a portion of her property. Being forced to consider giving up part of your property, or moving from the place you call home altogether, is a serious decision and we’re here to help. Beverly Wittler wrote this piece that appeared in the Henry County Times.

“I opened my mail the usual way; trash the free offers, stack coupons to cut later, file the paper bills and set my newspaper aside to read at leisure. But that day there was a very official looking packet from a local attorney firm. I opened it, slowly read through the pages and then checked out the sheets showing their success representing other homeowners. Sounded pretty good, so I make a quick decision to not accept the offer I’d had via a government organization for the corner of my small lot.


A quick meeting, a few signatures and they were up and running. I did take them some legal papers from my safe deposit box, but Smith, Welch, Webb & White took it upon themselves to make sure all the necessary documents were in my file. People showed up to appraise The Henry Hilton, I met with Grant and Julie, answered questions, and we finally were resorting to e-mail so I could check out on-going document processing without us waiting on snail-mail or moving back and forth between Henry Street and Keys Ferry Court.


A little nervous, but I finally put the house in my Something for Jesus to Do box and left it all up to God and SWWW.

And then, before I knew it, we were going to court!? I did a lot of serious thinking, plenty of praying, too. Do I want to move? Not right now, but who knows what’s down the road. Thought I’d never part with my maroon Maxima either, but things change and I had to move on, compensate. For some reason, maybe because I grew up in Butts County, Jackson, Ga., I am not into large homes. I barely recall the log cabin where we resided in Washington, Ga., but they still appeal to me. And so do smaller homes. My doctor laughed with me one day when he figured a mortgage loan officer would want something a tad larger but I chanted out the usual pluses of my brick ranch: central heat and air, indoor plumbing, wall to wall carpet plus LOCATION!? I closed plenty of mortgages on McMansions, one home selling for over a million, others priced from $50,000 to $500,000 and yes I admired the beauty and the spaciousness.


But so far I haven’t seen a replacement for the Henry Hilton, not yet. That day may be coming though, and thanks to my very talented attorney firm, I will soon have the funds to support something a bit larger when/if the traffic becomes more than I can bear. Interestingly enough, the night before the jury began deliberating, workers paved a portion of John Frank Ward Blvd., and therefore routed all traffic coming in from Hwy. 81 onto Henry Street instead of Lemon. The traffic and the lights never stopped, not until the hard working pavers had finished their project and ruled that it was ready for vehicular travel. Fortunately, the ongoing paving behind us finally lulled me to sleep and when I woke up this morning, the Sheriff’s deputy had turned off his blue flashing lights and stopped waving people through the Performing Arts Center parking lot. Once again I took my walk in that direction, with no traffic endangering me. But when the pairs are beside me, I don’t see taking a chance crossing John Frank Ward. That may make it more interesting to get to the PAC when my Henry Players are entertaining too we’ll see.


Anyway, if I MUST move, thanks to a dedicated and hardworking law firm and a very thoughtful jury panel, I’m prepared. Okay, had some help from up above too. PTL!”

Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband. 

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