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Smith, Welch, Webb & White is the law firm of choice for cities, counties, and government-related entities all over the state. We litigate on behalf of and provide legal advice to local governments from southwest Georgia to northeast Georgia, and places in between.

For over two decades, our attorneys have represented local governments, boards of education, and authorities. We thoroughly understand the all aspects of local governance, education law, and water and sewer delivery. We pay close attention to and understand the interplay among the practical, political, fiscal, administrative, and legal aspects of governing at the local level. We also understand the ins-and-outs of state government and agency regulation. As a result, we often provide legal assistance to local governments in need of resolution with state agencies.

Depending on your needs, we are able to serve as corporate counsel or as special counsel on a case by case or issue by issue basis.

As corporate counsel, we advise and defend the day to day legal issues that local governments, board and authorities routinely face such as policy and ordinance drafting, contracting, employment, workers’ compensation, disciplinary actions, litigation defense, appellate practice, state administrative agency compliance, and levying or collecting taxes.

Often times local governments hire us as special counsel to work with their existing attorney to litigate against other local governments regarding Service Delivery Strategies (SDS), Local Option Sales Tax (LOST), Special Purpose Local Option Sales Taxes (SPLOST), just to name a few. Or we may be retained to simply advise on such matters or to assist with state regulatory compliance issues.

What Sets Us Apart

We produce. Period.
We produce the outcome you seek. We give sound, accurate and timely advice; we draft thoughtful laws and contracts; and when we negotiate or litigate, we get results for your local government.

We Honor Your Service and Leadership with our Work.
We respect the fact that our clients are elected by the people or appointed by those who are elected by the people. We enable you to lead in a strategic and legal way to accomplish the policy objective the people elected you to fulfill. We understand that our advice and actions must be consistent with the policy directives you adopt. Also, as your lawyers we fully appreciate that words matter. And so, we are careful with our advice and drafting of local laws and policies so that your objectives are accomplished while avoiding negative unintended consequences.

We Respect the Public and Representative Government.
We are mindful that government is derived from the people. Accordingly, we believe in transparency and due process. We are respectful of public engagement and mindful that rules of decorum are essential for fair and appropriate public involvement and to ensure that issues can be heard and vetted.

Government Entities We Represent

Cities and counties
Boards of education
Fire departments, police departments, emergency medical services
Garbage collection, landfills, solid waste authorities
Housing authorities and zoning departments
Libraries and recreation facilities
Water and sewer authorities

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