Managing Your Business Records


When you own a business, there are certain responsibilities and rights that you have as a matter of law when it comes to maintaining and accessing records of the business.  These rights vary based on the type of business that you own.


Types of Business Records

Generally, a business must maintain certain records concerning the operations of the business, including the articles of organization, bylaws, minutes from meetings, and financial statements.  These records must be made available to someone that has an interest in the business as a shareholder or a member once proper written demand is made for inspection.

Moreover, access to more detailed financial records must be provided to a shareholder or member of a business if the individual properly requests to inspect these records.  The process is set forth in law and must be followed to obtain access to records.


If Access to Business Records is Denied

If access to these records is denied after proper demand is made, an expedited legal process through a Superior Court can be filed to enforce the right to inspect and obtain these records and the business can be required to pay the attorney’s fees for the individual that has to bring this claim.


Knowing your Responsibility of Business Records

Operating a business with multiple shareholders and members can be challenging and it is important to know what your duties and rights are as the manager charged with maintaining financial records and as a minority shareholder or member of a business when it comes to accessing records.

Lawsuits against businesses and those that are charged with managing a business can result in claims for breach of fiduciary duty and additional claims for failing to properly maintain records.  Our firm handles these suits on an ongoing basis and assists individuals that desire to inspect and obtain copies of the records of a business that they do not manage.  If you want to schedule a consultation with our firm to discuss these types of matters further, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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