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Understanding Child Custody Types and Determining Factors in Georgia

Child support payments are often part of custody arrangements. These court-ordered monthly payments to the primary custodial parent and are intended to help pay for housing, food, clothing, healthcare and other necessities for each child the parent has a legal obligation to support. Much like custody, there are several factors judges take into consideration in determining the amount of child support obligations. The Georgia Child Support Guidelines are intended to create a fair, equitable child support arrangement for both parents and serve as a standard method for calculating the amount of monthly payments.

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Why Hire Smith, Welch, Webb & White for Your Case

Why Hire Smith, Welch, Webb & White for Your Case One of life’s only certainties is that it can be filled with moments of uncertainty. It is almost inevitable that, at some point in your life, you will need the consultation and representation of an attorney to...

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Smith, Welch, Webb & White Welcomes 2023 Interns

Smith, Welch, Webb & White Welcomes 2023 Interns May 23, 2023 We are delighted to introduce our two exceptional summer interns who have joined us at Smith, Welch, Webb & White. With their passion for the legal field and dedication to excellence, they are...

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2023 Super Lawyers Announce 13 SWWW Attorneys

2023 Selection for Super laywers. Thirteen Smith, Welch, Webb and White Attorneys recognized February 9, 2023 Thirteen attorneys from Smith, Welch, Webb and White have been selected to the 2023 Georgia Super Lawyers list. This year, we have two new attorneys being...

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