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Why Estate Planning is Important at Any Age

For many people, estate planning is an uncomfortable thing to think about, and many people put it off for as long as they can. Our experienced attorneys can help you in navigating these complex issues and help to remove some of the stresses that come with planning for the future of yourself and your family.

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Understanding Title IX

Understanding Title IX Title IX is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on sex, age, race, or gender at any federally funded college, university, or institution. This means that any student that experiences acts of sexual assault, sexual harassment,...

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Managing Your Business Records

  Managing Your Business Records   When you own a business, there are certain responsibilities and rights that you have as a matter of law when it comes to maintaining and accessing records of the business.  These rights vary based on the type of business...

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How to Survive a Traffic Stop in Georgia

  How to Survive a Traffic Stop in Georgia   Being pulled over by the police can be very stressful, especially if you do not know what to do. If you or the driver of a car that you are a passenger in is stopped by the police, remember to stay calm. You have...

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What To Know About Starting and Running a Nonprofit

  What to Know About Starting and Running A Nonprofit   How does a nonprofit work?   A nonprofit works just like any other business except any profits are exempt from taxes to be reinvested into its primary charitable purpose. Nonprofits vary in size and...

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Breach of Life Insurance Claims

  Breach of Life Insurance Claims and/or Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Claims: Abandoning the insured’s family at their most vulnerable time Unfortunately, it is quite common where I have seen insurance companies deny completely valid Life...

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Do You Need A Trust, Will, or Both?

Do You Need A Will, Trust, or Both? The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to make sure you have the proper documents in place. Whether that be a Trust, a Will, or a combination of both, it is important for you to consult an attorney to best determine...

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What Are My Rights as A Property Owner in Georgia?

What are my Rights as a Landowner in Georgia?    In 2006 the Georgia Legislature adopted the Landowner’s Bill of Rights and Private Property Protection Act. Included in this legislation were express procedures that condemning authorities must follow if they wish...

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Can I Stop The Government From Taking My Land?

Can I Stop The Government From Taking My Land? One of the most common questions we get after a property owner is served with an eminent domain action is: “Is there anything I can do to stop the government from taking my land?” Generally, a property owner cannot stop...

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