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Lori Gardner Story

Lori Gardner had just left her office in downtown Atlanta on a dreary afternoon and was anxious to get home. She was crossing the street to catch her bus in the pouring rain, when a driver who wasn’t paying attention barreled through the intersection and knocked her...

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3 Things You Need to Know About Georgia’s Dog Bite Law

It started as a normal day for Sarah (*name changed). She needed to borrow teabags and called her longtime friends and neighbors. They told her to come over and take what she needed. What happened next was a nightmare. Her neighbors’ son had just moved back in with...

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Stay Safe on the Road This Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday is typically one of the busiest travel periods of the year. The Georgia Department of Public Safety defines the Thanksgiving holiday as the 102-hour period that begins at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, November 21st and ends at midnight on Sunday,...

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7 Myths about Divorce Mediation

MYTH #1: Mediation is a waste of time Mediation is beneficial because both parties will have a role in deciding the outcome of their case as opposed to putting their future solely into the hands of a judge.  Mediation is a process by which both parties to a divorce...

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Medical Debt? Learn How We Can Help!

It is—perhaps—the worst kept secret in the U.S. today that we are, as a people, in financial distress. The idea of living paycheck to paycheck is very familiar to many of us. Often, it is difficult to manage unexpected bills that accompany an automobile injury. Even...

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Recent Changes to The Power of Attorney Act in Georgia

What is a power of attorney and why would I need one? A power of attorney is a legally binding document that allows you to pick a person to handle your affairs if the need were to ever arise where you could not handle them yourself. Recently, there have been some...

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