Smith, Welch, Webb & White Attorneys Go Up Against Troup County and Win Big in Recent Jury Trial

Earlier this month on August 6th?and August 7th, Smith, Welch, Webb & White Partner Will White, and Associate Grant McBride took on Troup County in a case where the client was awarded over 50x the highest settlement offer.

?This is why we do what we do. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a property owner to feel like they are backed into a corner, forced to choose between taking an offer of pittance and taking on the government. It’s our job to protect the Constitutional rights of those that can’t fight for themselves, and we take that job very seriously. -Managing Partner, William White

The taking by Troup County, which consisted of air rights for the expansion of the LaGrange-Troup County airport, affected the client in a substantial way. However, the most the client ever got offered for their property rights was $4,500.

Due to the persistence of Mr. White and Mr. McBride, the case was brought to jury trial in an attempt to secure a fair and just amount of compensation for the client. Ultimately, a jury found against Troup County and in favor of the property owner, awarding the client $233,100.

?Clients often know when they are getting the short end of the stick, but very rarely know how to handle it themselves. At times counties can drag their feet and be difficult to deal with in complex matters like this one. The jury served their role as citizens well and delivered a verdict that benefited our client. We know our clients put their trust in our services and we always fight for their best interests day in and day out without wavering. We are pleased to see this case closed. -Associate, Grant McBride

Smith, Welch, Webb & White is comprised of over 20 attorneys and a large support staff throughout their four office locations in Henry County, Butts County, Fayette County, and Lamar County. In addition to handling condemnation and eminent domain matters, the firm has an established history of representing those in need dating back to 1890. The firm also has attorneys that practice personal injury litigation, local government law, business formation, commercial and residential real estate, and a variety of other areas of the law.


*Disclaimer: The results illustrated herein are not necessarily indicative of any particular outcome in the future. Legal matters can be very complex, and each issue requires analysis dependent on the particular set of facts present. Therefore, these illustrations are provided to show the types of cases handled and outcomes obtained by the attorney, but, of course, cannot mean the same outcomes will be obtained in different cases with possibly different facts in the future.



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