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SWWW conducts zoning and land use due diligence, providing legal opinions concerning the validity of existing zoning as well as advise clients on the best procedural avenues to achieve their land use objectives for new or on-going projects.  Our land use clientele range from local home builders, large and small family estates to large statewide, national, and international developers.

Our firm provides clients with legal advice concerning the complexities of Georgia’s environmental statutes and regulations with the goal of providing practical legal solutions to meet the business objectives of our clients while simultaneously protecting the public health and the environment. More specifically, we assist clients with environmental issues that arise in real estate transactions and on matters concerning underground storage tanks, hazardous site response and water-related issues such as wetland mitigation, erosion and sedimentation control, and on-site waste water management.

We help build communities.

The practice of zoning and development law is focused on designing commercial, industrial and residential developments that have a positive impact on the community. Properly planned and designed developments bring people together, reduce work commute times, increase shopping and dining opportunities, and enhance the tax base.

What we offer.

Because Smith, Welch, Webb & White has six offices in the South metro-Atlanta area we have extensive, community-based knowledge that allows us to have an intimate understanding of the local laws, policies, procedures, and policymakers. Such insight is invaluable and facilitates a positive outcome for both our clients and the community. No project is too big or too small – they are all important to us especially if it’s happening in the south metro area – a place we call home.

Our zoning attorneys and staff recognize and appreciated that citizens have varied opinions regarding how land should be developed. We also have a duty to protect property owners’ constitutional right to a reasonable use of their property. Zoning is the process where those two, often competing perspectives, meet. We work to achive a balance between citizens’ concerns and individual property rights so that ultimatly zoning and development projects provide the greatest benefit to the community as well as the property owners.

Be aware, the zoning and land development process is fraught with procedural, legal and political pitfalls that can undo a perfectly reasonable and well-designed project. Utilizing our extensive knowledge as well as thoughtful planning and execution can be the difference between success or denial.

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